Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Anchor Handler

The new Maersk Mobiliser arrived in St. John's Jan 2, 2019 from Norway. The ship is 10,181 gross tons and is 23,000 HP. The ship is the fifth in the starfish class, which contains 6. The names of the 5 so far is :

Maersk Master
Maersk Mariner
Maersk Minder
Maersk Mover and
Maersk Mobiliser
Maersk Mobiliser very impressive 

The Maersk Mobiliser, departed St. John's early this morning, heading to assist the container ship Yanitan Express, which has a fire onboard, she is 648 nautical miles from Halifax. The crew stopped fighting the fire due to bad weather.

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Dan Jubenvill said...

The crew of the "mobiliser " should read Farley Mowat's Grey seas under about the Foundation Franklin. Things have changed a lot since then.....