Saturday, October 27, 2018

Coast Guard Ship Atlantic Raven

I was able to catch the Atlantic Raven arriving from sea trials. They are getting her ready to head to the west coast where she will take up a new role as a coast guard ship. The ship will join the Atlantic Eagle which is already left for Victoria.
The Atlantic Raven was built in 1999 in Denamrk, has a speed of 12.5 knots, 14,400 horsepower, measures 75 meters long, and 2,921 gross tons, with a bollard pull of 162 tons.


Unknown said...

Hello Dean. I am completing a report for CCG on emergency towing on the BC coast and would like to include a cover picture of one of the new ETVs. Would it possible to use this photo with the appropriate credits for you? If you are interested you can email me at paulruddenconsulting@rogers,com

Thank you

Dean Porter said...


I am not able to send an email, it keeps saying error report


Unknown said...

Sorry Dean,
I used a comma instead of a period. Here is the correct email address:


Dean Porter said...

no problem, did you get the e-mail.