Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Trip to Lewisporte

A drive home to Lewisporte saw  one ship wintering, one ship waiting disposal and one in for christmas.

The ship wintering was the Northern Ranger, built in 1986, ship just finished service first part of the month.
The ship waiting disposal, the Capt. Earl Windsor, is the former Fogo ferry built in 1972, she was replaced by the new ferry the Veteran, which is currently in St. John's undergoing repairs.
The ship in for Christmas, was the CCGS Sir Wilfred Greanfell, built in 1987, coast guard ship use to always make an appearance christmas time

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Report

 The coast guards largest icebreakers are in, the Louis is tied up at the coast guard base, the Terry Fox is up in the upper end and the Larsen is across the harbour, and fresh from refit, the George R. Pearkes arrived today from Quebec, the veteran is still in, the Maersk Ddetector arrived a day or so ago, along with the Skandi Chieftain
Sten Fjord has been in having work done, built in 2004, she is 145 meters long.

CCGS Henry Larsen

Also in port today was the Mitiq, built in 1995 and is 136 meters

the fjords lifeboat on the dock

Veteran waiting on parts

Maersk Detector 

Skandi Chieftain 

CCGS TerryFox 

Another tug for dry-dock

 The Atlantic Cedar shown on dry dock getting a new paint job. The tug is 30.8 meters long, gtoss tonnage 400, and built in 2005.