Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Activity

This pass weekend saw the cargo ship MC Eva-Marie arrive, built in 2007, she measures 7.878 tons and 146 meters long.

TThe Atlantic Heron shifted berth, also in port was the Horizon Star, the Atlantic Kingfisher, Atlantic Osprey, Maersk Nascopie, Maersk Norsman and Maersk Detector.
MC Eva-Marie

Aatlantic Osprey laid up it appears

Maersk Detector and Maersk Norseman, both laid up, the Detector was just out

Masersk Nascopie laid up

Horizon Star, built 2017, measures 103 meters, 4902 gross tons and is owned by Horizon Martime, a St. John's and Halifax based companay 
Detector and Norseman 

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