Sunday, March 19, 2017

Activity from the Weekend

The weekend was pretty good for ship watching. After work on Friday I headed down to see the new Paul A. Sacuta. There as well was the Atlantic Raven, Atlantic Osprey, and I just missed the Atlantic Eagle departing.

Saturday, I was able to photograph the Oceanex Avalon arriving as well as the CCGS Earl Grey secured the coast guard base.

Sunday, I went down and watched and photograph the new Paul A. Sacuta departing for trials, but before that was the Oceanex Sanderling arriving, and I ended the weekend off out to see the Navion Hispania anchored in Conception Bay, she is one of the shuttle tankers owned by Teekay Shipping, transporting oil to Whiffen Head.
Atlantic Eagle

Atlantic Eagle 

Atlantic Osprey

Atlantic Raven 

Maersk Dispatcher 

Atlantic Heron and Paul A. Sacuta 

Wheelhouse profile 

Navion Hispania anchored in Conception Bay

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