Saturday, September 10, 2016

Neil Armstrong and other traffic

Today was a bit busy with the Neil Armstrong, a research vessel built in 2014, she is the first of the Neil Armstrong class to be owned by the US Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a beautiful looking ship.

The the Atlantic Raven arrived, as well as the Maersk Dispatcher. Then it was the cruise ship Europa 2's turn, she arrived around 1200hrs. Up next was the Panuke Sea, built in 1984 but modified in 2003.

Maersk Cutter arrived a few days ago, she had been laid up in Long Pond, but recently returned from helping the coast guard with a oil spill off Fogo island

Maersk Chancellor arrived this past week, she was tied up Marystown with Maersk Clipper and Maersk Nexus, the Nexus has gone to Halifax, anyone know whats going on, I know Maersk is getting rid of a lot of ships 

Europa 2 arriving today 

Panuke Sea

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