Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Trip to Lewisporte

This past Easter I went home to Lewisporte to visit family. I also went a board the Bond and took some photos inside the ship, she is still looking good despite her age.

the helm

engine room control room 

one of her main engines

She is still looking good


Helen said...

Question? Do anyone know what MV. Ferry that crossed from Cape Breton to Port Aux Basques in 1974 that was in St. John's for Refit or Maintenance between March 14th and March 20th of 1974?

Dean Porter said...

i will check

Dallas said...

Found this Helen
Montreal Gazette March 14th 1974
Ferries freed from ice North Sydney Nova Scotia
Three Canadian National ferries which had been stuck in ice off this Cape Breton port were let out of the ice pack yesterday afternoon by the icebreaker Louis St. Laurent and made their way into the harbor here. For the William Carson and her 73 passengers, the icebreaker ended more than three days on the Cabot Strait. The Ambrose Shea and its 48 passengers had been stuck since Monday night. The third ferry was the Stenna Carrier. which carries railway freight cars.
ANDAMBROSE SHEA was on the Cabot Strait run March 26, 1974 March 31st when it rescued four men from the ice after their small cargo ship, the SYBIL ELOISE, sank 50 miles NE of Cape Scatarie. Since the SHEA was built for the Argentia run, perhaps it was operating at that time to cover for one of the other ships that was in dry dock.

Helen said...

thank you Dallas, Dean have you any info closer to those dates? appreciate the assistance.