Monday, February 22, 2016

Charter for Oceanex Arrives

The STENA CARRIER arrived St. John's 2300hrs Feb 21, 2016 to get ready to fill in at Oceanex while some ships in their fleet go for refit.
The STENA CARRIER is a fine looking ship being built in 2004 is 183 meters long, she is 21,171 gross tons, her sister ship the STENA FORETELLER was chartered by Oceanex previously

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

High and Dry

The dry-dock in St. John's is busy with three ships on the lift, which include the CCGS ALFRED NEEDLER, GRACE SPARKES and ASTRON, the VETERAN moved in the graving dock this morning, the TERRA NOVA also went on dry-dock today.

Veteran moves

The brand new ferry the VETERAN shifted from pier 8 in St. John's to dry-dock as further repairs are needed on one of its thrusters and the ship has to come out of the water. VOCM reported it maybe March before repairs are completed on the new ship. In the meantime the CAPT. EARL W. WINDSOR is filling in.
A beautiful ship.

Veteran shifting berths

Saturday, February 13, 2016


The supply vessel ATLANTIC HAWK shown in this photo tied up in St. John's where she has been most of the past  couple months at least. There isn't a need for all the supply vessels with two less rigs offshore.
Atlantic Hawk in St. John's Feb 11, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Repairs and more... Repairs

The harbor was a little busy today, not altogether with arrivals but with ship undergoing repairs. The first is the brand new VETERAN which has been in port for 8 days undergoing repairs to her thruster I do believe. The VETERAN is being replaced by the CAPT. EARL W. WINDSOR
The Bell Island ferry FLANDERS arrived in today to repair a generator, the FLANDERS is being replaced by the BEAUMONT HAMEL, also in port was the ferry TERRA NOVA which according to the activity around her she was having work done as well, the TERRA NOVA is being replaced by the


Another tug for dry-dock

 The Atlantic Cedar shown on dry dock getting a new paint job. The tug is 30.8 meters long, gtoss tonnage 400, and built in 2005.