Friday, January 22, 2016

Busy Harbor

A cold Jan 22, 2016 there was some activity in St. Johns. The McKiel tugs WYATT M and LOIS M were drifting and moving waiting for the Croatian registered tanker CHAMPION ISTRA to depart. While I was there the tugs went back to the dock, and the departure was delayed due to weather.

The CCGS CYGNUS was built in 1982, and modernized in 1996 and later under went a vessel life extension in 2014, and was stationed in Dartmouth previously was transferred to Newfoundland later. the ship is a fisheries patrol vessel.

The fishing vessel BELLE CARNELL is also in port under
                                                                        Wyatt M
                                                                            Lois M
                                                                     Champion Istra
                                                                        Belle Carnell
ging a maintenance period.                          CCGS Cygnus

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