Saturday, January 10, 2015

Some more ships sitting in Lewisporte

The Dorsch sitting high in the water after returning from
dry-dock in St. John's before Christmas, will be spending
the winter

The other tanker, the Alsterstern is also in Lewisporte, where she will
more then likely be spending the winter, both tankers are owned by Coastal


snocky said...

Dean to follow up on the BOND has your dad had any word yet on winter run to blanc sablon from corner brook as i think it,s a go for sometine in feb. Would appr. reply asap. "SNOCKY"

Dean Porter said...


As far as I know, the Bond is not going anywhere this winter. There is a replacement for the Apollo, but its not the Bond. I also heard the Apollo may not be going for refit until after the winter

snocky said...

Thanks Dean. Would appr. any word on what goes on BLANC SABLON way as only an icebreaker is able to use st barbe. Useless harbour in winter. God Bless & keep up good work. "SNOCKY"

Dean Porter said...

I will let you know