Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maersk Dispatcher and Maersk Detector returns to St. John's

Two familiar supply vessels have returned to St. John's, the Maersk Dispatcher and Maersk Detector, the Dispatcher returning on May 26 and the Detector returning May 27. The Maersk Dispatcher is currently making her second trip to the Whiterose field located 350 KM off the Coast of Newfoundland. The Maersk Detector has not left since her arrival.

These are beautiful ships, the Dispatcher built in 2005, and the Detector built in 2006. Both have gross tonage of 5,470, 89.3 meter's, horsepower of 18,280 and a bollard pull of 219 tons.

The above photos are photos I have on file

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