Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apollo Replacement

The Apollo is back in St. John's arriving April 17, 2011. The ship arrived to be dry-docked, according to local news reports rope became entangled around its propellers causing damage. The ship is operating on one engine, and there is also an issue with one of its shafts, so the ship arrived to see what was needed to be replaced so it can be ordered and will return to her run, and once the parts arrives will head to dr-dock again.
While the Apollo is in St. John's, the Astron is operating on that run, carrying cars and freight and up to 12 passengers, but most of the passengers are being flown across. This ferry run has had its problems so far, becuase of ice and now the ferry. I'm sure things will be ironed out soon.


José Castro said...

Hello, just want to inform you that on April 22 next, will arrive in S. Jones,the Lugre S.M.M.
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José Castro said...

I again,Sorry meant 22 May and not April as you can see the link.