Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blue Puttees arrives St. John's

Marine Atlantic's new ferry the BLUE PUTTEES arrived St. John's around 1800hrs Feb 9, 2011 and tied up along pier 10 or 11 along Atlantic Place. The ship built in 2006 underwent conversion in Germany where 12 meter's was removed from the ship, passenger space added, rooms added.

There was a stern ramp added, they added loading/unloading at the bow and clam doors were installed with a ramp. I'm not sure how long the ship will be here, but as soon as I hear will pass it along and hopefully will get some photos soon as well.


M said...

Thanks for the news. Saw it approaching on the CBC harbour cam, wondering what ship. This site is great, makes me want to get back to St. John's. -Hay (in Boston)

Rock Boy said...

Thank-you very much

Anonymous said...
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