Friday, January 8, 2010

Year round ferry service for Labrador

The government of Newfoundland has announced a pilot project for this year to provide a year round ferry service across the Strait of Belle Isle.
The service is provided by the APOLLO and this will continue until Jan 31, 2010, depending on ice conditions. The APOLLO built in 1970 has operated on the St. Barbe run since aquired by the Woodward Group.
During the refit of the APOLLO, the ferry service will be provided by the SIR ROBERT BOND, but the BOND will operate twice a week from Corner Brook taking 12 hours one way, where as crossing from St. Barbe to Blanc Sablon took 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The Newfoundland Government is investing an extra $1.5 million. Photos shows the APOLLO, earlier posts shows the BOND

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Mac said...

I see the Woodward "W" leaning forward on Apollo, but leaning aft on the tanker berthed behind.

That's the Newfoundland Dockyard workboat/tug Taskall in the foreground.