Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Lft

The Big Lift ship Transporter arrived in St. John's last night Mar 12, 2018, with what looks like a dock gate, or parts of a gantry crane. TThe ship was built in 1999 and is a little over 100 meters long, and a gross tonnage of 6,714.

Sunday Afternoon Visit

The Maria Desgagnes made a brief stop in St. John's. The ship was built in 1999 in China. She measures 120 meters, and gros tons of 8848.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Undergoing Maintenance and at anchor

I'm a little late posting, but here are some photos from last weekend out in Comception Bay South. The ferry Legionnaire is out in Long Pond undergoing repairs and maintenance, the other photo shows the tankers Minerva Anna wating to get into Holyrood and Beothuk Spirit waiting to go back offshore.

Minerva Anna

Beothuk Spirrit

Monday, January 29, 2018

Fresh coat of paint

The Atlantic Kingfisher came out of dry-dock late last week with a fresh coat of paint, Other work was completed, but only the paint was visible.

Northern Osprey III arrives

Thee branad new arctic shrimp trawler Northern Osprey III arrived in St. John's just before the weekend, built in Turkey in 2017, she is 80.25 meters long.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Pilot Boat and the Nanny heads for China

Down today to photograph the Nanny depart, for the last time, apparently she has been sold and is currently heading to China. St. John's has a new pilot boat, the APA 18, and APA 1, the 18 was out today to take pilot off the Nanny. These two boats worked Placentia Bay for years, and now they are in St. John's and are fast.
APA 18

This is quite a vessel

Nanny leaving 

leaving the narrows

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Trip to Lewisporte

A drive home to Lewisporte saw  one ship wintering, one ship waiting disposal and one in for christmas.

The ship wintering was the Northern Ranger, built in 1986, ship just finished service first part of the month.
The ship waiting disposal, the Capt. Earl Windsor, is the former Fogo ferry built in 1972, she was replaced by the new ferry the Veteran, which is currently in St. John's undergoing repairs.
The ship in for Christmas, was the CCGS Sir Wilfred Greanfell, built in 1987, coast guard ship use to always make an appearance christmas time